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Why EAZYWood Deck Tile?

Installation is so easy. Simply snap the deck tiles together via the connection tabs. Change your mind? Un-snap the tiles and reposition them to create new patterns.

EconWood Deck Tile comes with a plastic base engineered with an intelligent interlocking mechanism, which allows flexibility and variety in use. You can design a unique balcony deck for your apartment, pull it up 6 months later, and create another balcony deck for your next apartment in an hour. Tiles are easily rotated, mixed, and matched to create various patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Different from traditional deck installation which can take up to multiple days, installation of EconWood deck tiles only take a couple of hours and you can enjoy the floor immediately. A great time saving.
Replace the floor? There is no need to replace the entire deck. You only need to pick up a few tiles and snap the new tiles in place. A great wallet saving.

8 reasons to choose EAZYWood Deck Tiles

  • Easy installation 
    The fast and easy snap-together design makes installation a couple of hours
  • No tools and no skills required 
    Say goodbye to hammers, nails, glues, or any heavy-duty carpentry tools
    Deck tiles go everywhere, on the balcony, surrounding the pool, basement floor, almost anywhere
  • Durable 
    Deck tiles are made from WPC slats & PE floor mat which resist to termite & weather
  • Drainage 
    Wood polymer composite slats permit water to flow through, while plastic feet elevate for drying airflow
  • Reusable 
    You can simply lift the deck tiles up and take with you to the next house
  • Replaceable 
    Damaged deck tiles in the middle of your floor can be easily swapped out with a new tile
  • Get personal  
    You can easily rearrange the tiles create various patterns to show off your personal style

Download Installation Guide


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